Greek Baby Names That Begin With M

Check below to find dozens or even hundreds of Greek baby names that begin with the letter M for both boys and girls and learn what they mean! If we missed names feel free to email us we’ll add it to our list.

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Name M/F Origin Meaning rating
Macaria Greek daughter of
Hercules and Deianara
Madelia Greek High tower
Madelyn Greek high tower
Madge Greek Pearl
Maeve Greek, Latin goddess; a
purple flower
Magdalen Greek High tower
Maia Greek, Latin nurse, mother,
goddess of spring; great
Makrina Greek Sister of
St. Basil
Malinda Greek Honey
Malissa Greek Honey bee
Maraidia Greek fairness
Marco Greek Defender
Margarita Greek Flower
Maria Greek, Latin from the Virgin
Mary / bittersweet
Mariam Greek wife of Herod
Marianthi Greek Flower, anthos
Marianna Greek beauty and
Marigold Greek a flower
Marilee Greek bitterness
Marilyn Greek bitter
Marina Greek from the sea,
Maris Greek Of the Sea
Makayla Greek Form of Michael
Marla Greek High Tower
Marlas Greek High Tower
Marmara Greek radiant
Martha Greek elegant, kind
Mateo Greek Devoted to
Matthew Greek gift of god
Matthias Greek God’s Gift
Maximos Greek Greatest
Maximus Greek Greatest
Medea Greek, Latin ruling; middle
Media Greek Communication
Megan Greek, Gaelic,
mighty, strong
able, pearl
Megara Greek wife of Hercules
Melanctha Greek black flower
Melancton Greek black flower
Melaney Greek Dark
Melanie Greek dressed in
black, dark
Melanion Greek Color
Melantha Greek Dark Violet
Melba Greek, Latin slender, soft;
mallow flower
Melia Greek nymph daugher
of Oceanus
Melina Greek yellow canary
Melinda Greek gentle one
Melissa Greek bee, honey
Melody Greek song
Metaxenia Greek made of silk
Metaxia Greek Silk
Metea Greek Gentle
Michael Latin, Greek right side
of God
Mika Greek precious
Mikis Greek truthful
Miles Latin, Old
German, Greek
soldier; merciful;
Mimis Greek Goddess of
Mindy Greek Honey
Minerva Greek, Latin power; thinker
Minta Greek mint
Miranda Greek to be admired
Mixalis Greek godlike
Mnemosyne Greek Muse of memory
Mona Latin, Greek,
Gaelic, Italian
individual; noble one; my lady
Morpheus Greek God of Dreams
Moses Hebrew, Egyptian,
saved; child;
taken from water
Muriel Greek, Irish,
myrrh; sea-bright;
angel of June
Myles Greek inventor of
the corn mill
Myron Greek sweet oil
Myrtle Greek a flower,
symbol of victory
Mysia Greek unknown


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Jan 17th, 2014