Greek Baby Names That Begin With N

Check below to find dozens or even hundreds of Greek baby names that begin with the letter N for both boys and girls and learn what they mean! If we missed names feel free to email us we’ll add it to our list.

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Name M/F Origin Meaning rating
Naia Greek flowing
Naida Greek Water Nymph
Naiya Greek Water Nymph
Nani Greek Charming
Napoleon Greek, Italian lion of the
woods; from the city of Naples
Narcissa Greek self-love
Narcissus Greek self-love
Narella Greek bright one
Natalie Greek christmas
Natasha Greek Rebirth-from
Nefeli Greek Cloud
Nektaria Greek nectar
Nektarios Greek St. Niktarios,
Nell Greek Stone
Nellie Greek the bright
Nellis Greek Light
Nelly Greek Stone
Neo Greek new
Neola Greek youthful
Neoma Greek new moon
Neona Greek New Moon
Nerin Greek a nereid,
one from the sea
Nerina Greek Sea Nymph
Nestor Greek traveler,
Neysa Greek pure
Nicholas Greek victorious
Nichole Greek Victorious
Nicia Greek victorious
Nick Greek Victorious
Nicki Greek From the name
Nicodemus Greek victory of
the people
Nicole Greek victorious
Nike Greek victory
Nikos Greek Victorious
Niobe Greek fern
Nitsa Greek Light
Nora Greek, Latin the bright
one; honor, light
Nox Greek Goddess of
the Night
Nyla Greek Winner
Nysa Greek A new beginning
Nyx Greek night


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Greek Baby Names

Jan 17th, 2014