What to Do in Lemnos, Greece

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The Greek island of Lemnos is located in the northern area of the Aegean Sea. The capital and main port of the island of Lemnos is Myrina, which is located at the southwestern part of the island. Lemnos is home to mountains, caves, a petrified forest, and thermal springs. The history of the island is evident in the archaeological sites, fortresses, and museums. When visiting the island of Lemnos, Greece, you will find plenty to do.

Visit the Castle of Myrina

The Castle of Myrina is a Byzantine fortification that is located at the highest point of Myrina Town in Lemnos. The castle’s construction began in 1186 AD under the command of Byzantine emporer Andronicus Komnenos. The Castle of Myrina is built on the site of an earlier fortification. The castle would continue to be built by the Venetians during the 13th century. The form of the Castle of Myrina that you see today was contructed in 1207 – 1214 by the Great Dukes of Lemnos, Venetian Filocalo Navigajiosi. Turks resided in the castle during Ottoman rule and you can see the remains of their mosque. Today, the castle is a refuge for about 200 deer who are given food and water by locals.

Relax on the Beach

One of the most popular beaches on Lemnos Island is Plati Beach, which is located 2 km south of Myrina. The beach is part of a resort and is organized with sun beds and umbrellas. There are water sports facilities, taverns, and cafes on site. 1 km from Myrina is the beach of Riha Nera. Riha Nera is organized with sun beds, umbrellas, a beach bar, and water sports facilties. Keros Beach is 32 km northeast of Myrina. The wonds at this beach make it the perfect spot for windsurfing and other water sports.

Sample Some Delicious Food Specialties

The island of Lemnos has some delicious local specialties. Klikia is a type of cheese pie, salamoura is a salad that consists of raw string beans, and flomaria is a homemade pasta. If you’re more of a dessert lover, you have to try the pumpkin pie that is made with the local cheese kalathaki; venizelika, a local chocolate fudge made with almonds and vanilla icing; and katimeria, a dessert made of cheese, honey, or syrup. You may also want to try Limnian wine and the Muscat of Lemnos, which is a sweet white wine that is a protected product with Designation of Origin.

Visit the Town of Myrina

Myrina Town is the capital of Lemnos Island. The charming town features red tiled roof houses, cobblestone alleys, and old mansions. One of the main districts of the town is Romeikos Gialos. Romeikos Gialos features neoclassical mansions from the 19th century. Tourkikos Gialos is the second main district. If you’re visiting the town of Myrina, you might want to visit the Archaeological Museum of Lemnos or grab a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants or taverns that serves traditional Greek cuisine or seafood.

While in Lemnos, Greece you won’t want to miss the chance to have some of these wonderful experiences.

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