Quick and Easy Greek Recipes

Simple Greek Feta Pasta Recipe

Sometimes, you just want to put together an easy meal with delicious, Greek flavors. This Greek pasta dish delivers! You can use any kind of pasta that you have on..... Read More

Easy Greek-Style Yogurt Soup

Yogurt is a very common ingredient to use in Greek cuisine. This Greek yogurt soup is a common dish to prepare, especially in the hot summer months. This soup is... ... Read More

5-Minute Greek Style Cheese Dip

Appetizers, also referred to as meze, are a big part of Greek cuisine. These dishes can all be combined together to form one big meal, or they also make for easy, ... Read More

Easy Greek Style Steamed Mussels

Mussels are a popular seafood that are found throughout the world, and Greece is no exception. People all over the country make and prepare mussels in various ways. ... Read More

Easy Greek Style Bean Salad

Getting a meal on the table doesn’t take long, especially when you prepare recipes likes this Easy Greek Style Bean Salad! It can be whipped up in just minutes... Read More

Easy Greek Seasoned Fries

Greek fries are certainly special. Fried with olive oil, these hand cut potatoes are a staple of Greek cuisine. Sure, you can simply put some salt and pepper on it..... Read More

Simple Marinated Greek Cheese

Marinated cheese is a great addition to any table. This cheese makes a great appetizer or snack, or as an addition to your dinner table. It’s also great on Gre... Read More

Fast Greek Style Shrimp Kabobs

Shrimp is one of those seafoods that tastes great with Greek flavors. They also cook fast! These kabobs make for an easy appetizer or main course. Fast Greek Style S... Read More

Simple Greek Style Stir Fry

Stir fries are easy, but they aren’t usually associated with Greek food. You can easily adapt a traditional stir fry by using Greek flavors! Greek Style Stir F... Read More

Simple Greek Style Cheesecake

Although cheesecake isn’t a traditional dessert in Greek cooking, some of the traditional ingredients of the cuisine, such as Greek yogurt and honey, make for ... Read More

5 Minute Baklava Sundae Recipe

Baklava sundaes are a delicious treat because they use one of the most popular of the Greek desserts – baklava! All you need is baklava, ice cream, whipped cre... Read More

10-Minute Greek Gyro Wraps

Greek gyros are usually made with a special pita bread. While this is certainly the traditional choice, sometimes you just want to do something different. Consider f... Read More