Greek Travel Guide

More than 17.5 million tourists visit Greece each year and this brings in amazing revenues into to Greek economy. The Minister of Tourism is confident that tourism will only increase in the years to come. If you need help planning your trip to Greece look no further than the Greek travel section of!  Below you will find useful Greek travel articles about everything you might need to know when you travel to Greece!

What to Do in Chania Old Town

Chania is the second largest city on the island of Crete. It is located in the northwestern side of the island directly on its coast. Because of its location, the hi... Read More

Go Scuba Diving in Zakynthos

Zakynthos is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Greece. People from all over the world flock here to experience Greece at its finest and take in ... Read More

What to Do in Katakolo Greece

Katakolo is one of those idyllic seaside villages that represent the best of what Greece has to offer. It separates two major bodies of water. On one side, you will... Read More

What to Do in Corinth, Greece

When traveling to Corinth, there are a few things that the visitor can take in. First of all, he ruins of the ancient site are located within the modern village of C... Read More

Go Scuba Diving in Kefalonia

Kefalonia is one of those beautiful islands where its easy to get lost. As the largest of the Ionian islands, its all too easy to wander the hills in the countryside... Read More

What to Do in Epirus Greece

Northern Greece has some of the most dramatic terrain in all of Greece and Epirus seems to be where the natural beauty of the region is centralized. Whether gazing o... Read More

Best Beaches on Tilos Island

Tilos is one of those islands that seems to have been forgotten, but this proves to be a good thing for those who do arrive here. Even though it isn’t busy, th... Read More

What to Do in Alonnisos, Greece

Alonnisos is one of those idyllic Greek islands that seems too magical to be true. It seems especially known for its lush green landscape and mountainous terrain whi... Read More

What to Do in Parga, Greece

Parga is one of those places in Greece that seems too scenic to be real. With its ancient castle perched above the water overlooking the view, Parga is one of those... Read More

What to Do in Oia, Santorini

The island of Santorini is one of the most unique in all of Greece since most of it is perched on the rim of a dormant volcano. Most of the island looks as if it is ... Read More

What to do in Sidari, Corfu

Corfu is one of those islands that feels like it came out of another time. In fact, it was mentioned in the story of Odysseus – it’s the island where he... Read More

Best Beaches Near Chania, Crete

Because of the sheer size of the island of Crete in southern Greece, it is all too easy to believe that visitors will experience constantly busy beaches and resort... Read More

Best Beaches to Visit on Naxos

Naxos is one of those Greek islands that can take you by surprise. Although it may seem like it is too small to be notable, visitors find that there are more than e... Read More

Top Beaches to Visit on Ithaca

Ithaca is one of those sleepy Greek islands that can take you by surprises. Relaxed and sparsely populated, those who live on the island have the appearance of those... Read More